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betway hollywoodbets AdvertisementBloomberg claims the device will feature a small screen and require users to interact with it primarily using voice controls, while AI-powered software inside handles things like booking appointments and responding to texts and emails automatically聽without additional input from the user.On top of that, the device is reportedly being designed as a companion gadget that works together with a traditional smartphone instead trying to serve as a full-on replacement for most people. However, this seems like a potentially ruinous move. The whole point of a smartphone is to serve as the sole gadget you need carry around, and trying to convince people to add another brick to their everyday carry could be a very tough sell. AdvertisementAdvertisementThat said, the idea is intriguing. One of the great dreams of technology, and AI in particular, is to help streamline peoples鈥 lives so they can spend less time responding to constant (and often unnecessary) pings from coworkers, solicitors, and other people jamming up your communication. However, with things like Duplex, constantly improving auto-fill and auto-reply, the newly announced Call Screen feature, and the Google Assistant, Google is the clear leader in AI tech. Without the same levels of resources and funding at their disposal, it鈥檚 hard to imagine Rubin and Essential will be able to leapfrog the whole industry.Additionally, it seems that the development Essential鈥檚 new AI companion device caused the company to push development of its previously promised smart home hub to the wayside. That鈥檚 a shame, because with products like the new Echo Show, the Google Home Hub, Lenovo鈥檚 Smart Display, Rubin鈥檚 early road map for Essential appeared to be on the right track. Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight wild enough to work. Hopefully this product doesn鈥檛 get canceled before it can see the light of day. [Bloomberg]

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    betway hollywoodbets Dutch officials are planning to restrict China’s access to edge-cutting chip technologies and equipment as part of a deal with US officials, sources familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg. The curbs under discussion could be implemented as soon as next month, according to Bloomberg sources. The move could affect key Netherlands-based chipmaking equipment supplier ASML, whose products are critical for most advanced chips. US officials unveiled new chip export bans on China in October, leading ASML to instruct its employees to stop serving Chinese clients. According to ASML, 5% of its undelivered orders will be affected by the US’s new export controls. [Bloomberg]

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