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netbet online pools limited AdvertisementThe DML headlights were a feature first demonstrated about a year ago, but they鈥檙e finally available as an option on the 2021 Audi e-tron Sportback and e-tron SUV, although with reduced functionality in the United States until the carmaker can convince regulatory bodies it鈥檚 just as safe, and even safer, than regular low and high beams.The Digital Matrix LED headlights pair a bright set of LEDs with 1.3 million micromirrors in each headlight that can adjust where they鈥檙e reflecting and projecting the light up to 5,000 times per second. It鈥檚 technology that鈥檚 already been used in Texas Instruments鈥 DLP projectors for years now, but this is the first time the technology has been strapped to the front of the car.AdvertisementAdvertisementBut why? Is this Audi鈥檚 attempt to help revive the drive-in movie theater experience given there鈥檚 no end in sight for the pandemic? No. The Digital Matrix LED headlights don鈥檛 do color, but they can create animations, and if you happen to be parked against a wall, you鈥檒l see the name of your vehicle and the Audi logo projected ahead of you when you start or turn off your vehicle, which Audi refers to as 鈥渨elcome and exit lighting signatures.鈥 There are actually five animations options to choose from, and while it certainly sounds like a fancy touch for a luxury automobile, that doesn鈥檛 quite seem enough to justify the price of what is undoubtedly a pricey option.A light carpet illuminates only the driver鈥檚 lane to spare the eyes of oncoming motorists.Gif: AudiAdvertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight this is a technology that potentially benefits everyone on the road, not just the person behind the wheel of their e-tron Sportback. Hopefully U.S. regulators will eventually give it a chance.

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    netbet online pools limited Dutch officials are planning to restrict China’s access to edge-cutting chip technologies and equipment as part of a deal with US officials, sources familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg. The curbs under discussion could be implemented as soon as next month, according to Bloomberg sources. The move could affect key Netherlands-based chipmaking equipment supplier ASML, whose products are critical for most advanced chips. US officials unveiled new chip export bans on China in October, leading ASML to instruct its employees to stop serving Chinese clients. According to ASML, 5% of its undelivered orders will be affected by the US’s new export controls. [Bloomberg]

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