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ga mega millions winner Dingdong Maicai eyes an RMB 5 billion (8 million) sales goal for ready-to-eat dishes this year, the Shanghai-based online grocery company announced at its Supplier Eco Summit held on Feb. 23, and hopes to partner up with other ready-meal makers. The NYSE-listed firm started selling the product in early 2021, and recorded sales last year of RMB 80 million for one of its own-brand meal kits. The increased variety and demand of own-branded meal kits have driven continued revenue growth for Dingdong Maicai, whose latest financial filing showed that sales of major private label pre-prepared dishes more than doubled year-on-year in 2022, as the startup achieved its first quarterly GAAP profit in the December quarter. The firm is set to focus on developing healthier prepared food in 2023, its founder and CEO Liang Changlin said on a related earnings call. [Jiemian, in Chinese]

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    ga mega millions winner Dutch officials are planning to restrict China’s access to edge-cutting chip technologies and equipment as part of a deal with US officials, sources familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg. The curbs under discussion could be implemented as soon as next month, according to Bloomberg sources. The move could affect key Netherlands-based chipmaking equipment supplier ASML, whose products are critical for most advanced chips. US officials unveiled new chip export bans on China in October, leading ASML to instruct its employees to stop serving Chinese clients. According to ASML, 5% of its undelivered orders will be affected by the US’s new export controls. [Bloomberg]

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